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  • Dancers should be prepared to perform an hour earlier than their scheduled time in case the competition is running ahead.

  • Each studio will have an assigned dressing area. It is the responsibility of all participants to keep their area clean and dispose of all trash properly.

  • The Dance-Off requests that studios contribute to maintaining a clear backstage area. No parents are permitted backstage at any time. Dancers must check-in backstage with their teacher and/or studio director three numbers before their performance.

  • We kindly ask that all studios show respect towards one another. The Dance-Off has a zero-tolerance policy for any negative, offensive, and/or unsafe behaviour.


  • Although birth certificates are not mandatory, participants must submit a valid birth certificate before the end of the competition if there is a discrepancy regarding age. Failing to do so will lead to disqualification of the respective entry.

  • A dancer who exits the stage prematurely will be given the opportunity to re-dance. That individual will receive an award based on their score, however they will not be eligible for placement in the category or overalls. In the case of technical difficulties, the number will be allowed to re-dance without incurring any penalties.

  • The marks awarded are considered final and cannot be changed.


  • In the event that a TDO event is cancelled, postponed, or unable to take place for any reason, participating studios will be given full credit that can be used towards another TDO competition in the same or following calendar year. Refunds will not be provided under any circumstances.

  • Studio directors must submit the required waiver to The Dance-Off prior to the start of competition. A new waiver must be submitted by each studio annually.

  • The Dance-Off cannot be held liable for any damages, injuries, or loss or theft of property that may occur during the course of any TDO event.

  • The Dance-Off has the authority to modify the duration of an event by adding or subtracting days, depending on the number of entries that have been registered.


  • All music must be uploaded at least one month prior to the event you are attending. Late uploads will incur an administration fee. Music files should be labelled with the title of the routine, as it was entered and will appear in the program.

  • As The Dance-Off is a family-friendly competition, the choice of music is of great importance. Please ensure that your music is clean and free from any inappropriate content. It is crucial to ensure that all music is edited precisely from beginning to end to avoid any confusion (i.e., pre-edit any fade outs).

  • For tap entries, including tap sounds on soundtracks will lead to point being deducted.

  • It is strongly advised for all studios to have a backup copy of their music files stored on a USB stick.

  • Performances that exceed the maximum time limits, without prior approval from TDO, will result in a deduction. Time limits for each respective category are listed on our 'Competition Information' page.


  • Performances are recorded for the purpose of judges' critiques. Critiques will be available online for studio directors after the competition. The Dance-Off has the right to use photographs and videos taken of the dancers for promotional reasons. This includes, but is not limited to, advertisements, broadcasting, print materials, social media, television, and websites. Photos and videos may be used without any form of compensation.

  • Spectators are not allowed to videotape or take photographs inside the theatre during any performance.

  • Videos and photos are permitted during award ceremonies only.


  • Studios are responsible for arranging their own props before the routine begins and ensuring that the stage is cleared of all props once the performance is finished.

  • Studios must indicate use of props upon registration and provide information about the setup times required.

  • The use of hazardous props is strictly prohibited. The Dance-Off reserves the right to determine which props can be used based on the guidelines and restrictions set by the venue. These guidelines may change with each respective venue.


  • Routines must be registered and submitted online no later than the due date provided. Studio directors will receive a preliminary schedule for review before the final schedule is created.

  • Any necessary changes to the registered information must be made at least thirty days prior to the start date of the competition. These changes must be submitted in writing and approved by The Dance-Off.

  • Competitors are not allowed to compete against themselves.

  • If a routine is missing a dancer, studios must inform The Dance-Off before the category begins so it can be announced to the judges.

  • If there are ten or more entries in a particular solo category, the entries will be separated.

  • Independent entries are permitted.

The Dance-Off reserves the right to make changes to the above points.

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